photo by Thomas Harding

I’ve written so many “about me’s” in my life but I will try to make this unique.

I have been a photographer for over 10 years. I started shooting film on my Dad’s bell and howell FD35 in high school. It was my junior year I think, so 2003. I just had a 50 f/1.4 lens and I used to take it with me everywhere. I bought a konica autoreflexTC on ebay with 3 lenses because the lot was cheap. I ended up falling in love with hexanon lenses. My 40 f/1.8 pancake was my favorite. I would attach a .42 wide angle adapter and get the weirdest colors and an 11.8 lens diameter. It was fun. I started shooting on expired film and doing long exposures. It also kept photography fresh for me. I took my bell and howell to England with me and started shooting the streets and subways. That summer my band toured europe but I didn’t want to take my film camera and lenses with me so I bought a canon powershot. As soon as we got there I regretted this.

In the fall I took a black and white photography class at my university and was introduced to ilford hp5 400 film. I went back to shooting on the bell and howell FD35 because it was my most reliable camera. I started thinking more about composition, lighting, and how to get the best out of a shot. This was because I didn’t want to spend hours in the darkroom dodging and burning. It helped hone my skills. But I was still able to experiment. Our last project was on motion and I took a roll of 36 long exposures. Using light, cell phones, flashes, I tried a lot of different things. I took a trip that fall to Germany and shot several rolls with my konica.

Time went by and I started working more with video and shot less and less film. I eventually bought a canon 550D and started shooting again. But I missed the glass from my slr lenses. I used a mount adapter and it brought some life back into photography for me. But I still wasn’t happy with my work. It wasn’t until this past summer that I bought a 5dMK2 and it has recently brought photography back into the forefront of my life. I now shoot with a 5dmk2+ML and my lenses include canon 50 f/1.4, hexanon AR 40 f/1.8, summatech FD 28 f/2.8, tokina 20-35 f/2.8, and zenitar 16 f/2.8. The transition from film to digital has been a very slow process for me but I think it has been for the best.

I am from nashville, tennessee. I spent my entire life in Tennessee until I moved to portland, oregon this past summer. I recently moved to seoul, south korea with my wife.

I love to travel and have toured/traveled through Europe 6 times, visiting 15 countries. I’ve also been all over the states. I want to see the world. Aside from photography, I make short films/music videos and video projects. I am also musician, and have toured europe a few times in various bands. I run a small d.i.y. label, and a bunch of blogs that I don’t keep up enough with. when I have time to read, I really enjoy a good book. I love music and I love films. I have been skateboarding for half my life and have broken bones and a metal plate to prove it. I’ve been meat free for 10 and vegan for the last 5.

Right before I moved to South Korea my hard drive containing 1.3TB of photos and video failed. I know I know, “I should have had back-ups.” But I didn’t. I lost almost everything. I have been able to recover some of my film photographs on various sites. So I am creating this website as a archive as well as a place for all of my work.

If you took the time to read this I appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my work.





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